Date : 22-08-26 17:17

Writer : Admin

Thank you for supporting AGPC during this difficult time.

We established AGPC company in Singapore in March 2021 and listed AGPC on the global exchange to position the AGPC token as one of the leading digital assets in the global online gaming markets.

However, there have been unexpected changes in the virtual asset industries worldwide in the last years, such as issuing new crypto-asset guidance, releasing license requirements by each country, and strengthening relevant laws and regulations. Also, Bitcoin and Ethereum have suffered a brutal comedown this year, and Terra and Luna's crypto crash led to a great distrust among cryptocurrency investors. In addition, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) issued the new bill, called the Financial Services and Markets Bill, in April 2022. Thus, AGPC has been working on revising its business plan accordingly to meet the requirements of successfully operating the cryptocurrency business in Singapore.

The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) in South Korea has asked law enforcement authorities to investigate 16 foreign digital asset exchange operators for their unreported business activities in August 2022, and any AGPC holders who have been traded on the platform might have some difficulties in trading in the future.

AGPC has communicated with experts to share numerous ideas and facts to overcome this crisis. AGPC finally has established the following solutions and policies for AGPC coin holders.

First, as it is difficult for AGPC companies to continuously operate in Singapore due to the strengthening digital asset regulations and laws, AGPC decided to establish a 3rd joint venture company in cooperation with a blockchain specialized company. AGPC will transfer the existing AGPC project to a crypto-friendly country.

Second, to solve the problems of the existing AGPC token structure, AGPC will be carried out by dividing the token structure into two types. They are tentatively called 1) gaming tokens and 2) membership tokens. All existing AGPC token holders will have a chance to swap their AGPC tokens for new ones. 

Third, the membership tokens are tokens designed to issue NFTs that provide various benefits in the new AGPC projects. The membership token is not expected to be issued 300 million as same as the total issuance of the existing AGPC token; however, it would be around 15 million as same as the total distributed AGPC tokens in the market. Thus, the number of membership tokens is limited, and AGPC expects the demand for the tokens would be increased as well as the new AGPC project is steadily growing in the market.

Establishing a new joint venture company in the new country and issuing two types of new tokens and swapping will proceed as quickly as possible, and the token exchange will be completed by the end of September 2022.

We will do our best to overcome the current situation and do our best so that the business proceeds smoothly with the third joint venture and the asset value of AGPC coin holders rises.

Thank you.


2022. 08. 26

AGPC Operation Team